The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life is written by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia.

Ikigai book reviews are pretty good almost every reader who read this amazing book gave it to 5 start out of 5 so now you can amazing how good this book is.

Also, There are many inspiring Ikigai quotes which went so popular among youth and inspire their life daily.

The world needs "more" than just passion and contribution: It also needs action.

Without taking action your ideas remain dreams, but with ikigai you can change the world—and yourself in the process.

Ikigai is the feeling that what you do every day matters, and it can give your life meaning.

As I explain in my book, The Little Book of Ikigai: How to find your purpose in life

ikigai lies at the intersection between what you are good at (your  passion) and the needs of the world (your contribution).

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